Spending half a lakh on flipkart, think again.

November 8, 2014 | by

Flipkart, well what shall i say. not that big billion day wasn’t that big a fiasco but when Kapil Chaand, 24 a CS professional decided to go phone shopping he was whooped in by the lucrative offers offered by Flipkart. He decided to go for an iPhone 5s listed on flipkart. Little did he know he was in for a roller coaster ride, disappointment, anxiousness and agony;
countless IVR menus calls and emails.

1) Orders an iPhone, receives it with delay.
Turns it on cha-ching it doesn’t move after the glorious apple logo. A trip to the apple store says that the phone won’t be replaced since it’s not from India and even the charging adaptor was anything but Indian. Further inquiry about IMEI led us to the fact that phone isn’t even  registered.


2) The oh-so! Good flipkart guarantee!
A few calls to the reluctant customer support team which is practically unaware of their job, the irony is the 10 day exchange/ replacement guarantee is a spoof on professionalism. it took 3 days and maybe a few hours over the phone a call from technical department was arranged and so was a pick after a mere 7-8 calls. But hey the guarantee works! Well…. almost!

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3) Flipkart sends a new phone next – a used one though!
When he said – send an iPhone that works, they were courteous enough to send a tried and tested one. Yes, you got that right the dear people at flipkart were so generous that they sent an iphone that was used for so long that the warranty expired. But hey! It worked, well partially atleast. The camera didn’t work and while setting up the new phone kapil realized phone already was activated already had someone else contacts in it and texts too! The box of the phone damaged too. One of the sides of the box was torn and there was no seal on the inner box too! Convenient right?

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4) Refund is a fable!
Countless calls, aspirin and some sore throat later. kapil is still trying to get a refund. Only once flipkart decides how apologetic it really was about the big billion day sale.


The aggrieved customer is willing to share all the details along with chronologically arranged documents concerned.

Edit- to sweeten the deal and salt the wound, flipkart has offered to throw in a compensation of rs 1000 provided the buyer goes for an exchange and once again plays roulette .

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