First Glimpse of the IIT Delhi RENDEZVOUS 2014

October 17, 2014 | by

Rendezvous is the annual cultural fest of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. This four day long college cultural festival is North India’s largest. It sees large number of participation from large number of student from over 350 colleges of Delhi and nearby states such as Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc. with a footfall over 50,000.

Rendezvous 2014 finally started today i.e. 17th October 2014, and the visit to IIT was just awesome. Everything around made you feel the fest is on. Students walking, joking, laughing, some practicing their nukad natak’ss, every near or distant view was making you a part of the fest completely and truly. Here are the glimpse of the starting day of the fest:


1) Entrance

The lighting lanes and the couloured IIT building’s distant view gets on your nerves suddenly and you get excited to go through all at once what’s happening around. It all seemed as if IIT-D has come to a merry making love life.

2) The Main Building

The main building’s pass through which is popular as ‘wind T’ amongst the iitian’s was crowded than normal and had all the artifact decorations for the fest. Rendezvous  wished you a Happy Diwali there..


3) The Lighting Around

IIT-D is completely decorated as a bride to welcome all the visitors and the participants giving a complete pro feeling you  are standing on the land of an IIT.

4) The Ride On

Let’s take you to the excursion of the Rendezvous on the three wheels or you prefer by a truck? The team have all planned for you to take these memories along with you.

5) Music! Dance! Fun!

That’s exactly what’s happening on the roads of IIT-D. You are haring some music just follow those footsteps and there you will reach where the students will be dancing in crowds having complete fun of the fest.


6) The Creativity Message!

I was moved the most by this creativity message. The message of equality of  a he and she equality balance defined and portrayed so amazingly that it left me with just an awww….

And the other one: Think Out Of The Box Thing…

7) Arjit Singh’s Concert

No! No! It was not today but it was in talks of every body around. This Rendezvous brings Arjit Singh’s Live Concert.


So, pack your time and spare some out to visit IIT-D just gonna be fun even you ain’t participating. Jugaad the passes as you have always been a big jugaad bazz. Its just RAWsome.


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