8 Baba Ramdev Exercises That You Dare Not Try At Home!

August 18, 2014 | by

Baba Ramdev is an icon in India and he has literally hijacked and captured all the religious channels of India! The flexibility of Yoga Guru is impeccable but there are few exercises which, if you are an amateur, must not ever try at home!

1. It does look like I am the king of world pose or fuck you all, I am infinite pose but if you try this, you might just lose balance and end up with a broken hand or swollen limb



2. This is just as dangerous as it is looking in the picture! If you are trying this, use a lot of pillows, mattresses, cotton, emergency kit and a magic wand which can bring you back from death!



3. If you can pull this, you better represent India in next Olympics for Gymnastics!




Step 1: lie down.
Step 2: Slowly take your legs up.
Step 3: break your neck.
Step 4: Spend months in hospital. As simple as that.
And Even Modi Ji can’t stop laughing on it!



5. I am not sure if Baba knows this, but hand stand is also a popular dance step and has caused quite a lot of injuries. Wear helmet if you are planning this one.



6. Gujrat is famous for Dhokla and our dear Baba is for Kapalbharti! If not done under expert’s guidance, it might collapse your lung! At least that’s what it seems like!



7. Perfect way to damage your hand! Yay!



8. Not only you look like a freak, this is fucking dangerous! What if you are not able to untangle yourself and have to live like this forever? Have you figured out how will you poop?


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